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A reliable mobile app testing strategy would include the right mix of testing on real devices/emulators. To fulfill this benchmark SimplifyQA has smart capture- zero code automation for android and IOS mobile devices. Enables companies to get more testing done.

Multiple device support

A test case can be executed on multiple devices parallelly, which speeds up the testing cycle and allowing up to 60% reduction in effort by performing automation across multiple devices in a synchronized manner.

Built-in mobile view

The default behaviour of the mobile can be viewed as a mirror image on the computer screen.

Cloud Execution

Inbuilt Parallel and sequential execution on any application.

Custom Methods

Tool offers user-defined custom methods, freedom to the functionality as per requirement.

Complaint ready report

Enables better decision making, transparency, and traceability by proving execution report of test cases, with the time stamp and executor’s digital signature.

Mobile inspector

Choose and analyse the structure of the objects from various built-in properties or create custom paths to add, evaluate, and save the objects in the mobile application.

Lite/hybrid native/mobile browser

Test case is executed successfully on lit apps and native, hybrid mobile browsers.

Zero code automation

Rapidly record and create test cases, without a need to code.

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SimplifyQA is Testing platform that accelerates testing to keep pace with
Agile and DevOps. With the industry’s most innovative functional testing technologies,
SimplifyQA breaks through the barriers of conventional software testing tools.

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