Elena Marshall

Many large enterprise customers are migrating from mainframe to other new environments over a multi-year period, with the goal of maintaining test automation on both environments during end-to-end testing. This has created opportunities for test automation tools to enter this market as well. SimplifyQA Mainframe testing seized this opportunity earlier in our research in order to bring the solution to market sooner.

SimplifyQA helps to test applications on mainframes with

  • Native Emulators
  • Web-based Emulators

In SimplifyQA, the interface for users to automate testing and maintain test scripts is very simple, so anyone can learn and contribute to the automation of mainframe application testing.

Mainframe Inspector

Locate, identify, and store test objects efficiently to accelerate the scripting process. Enhanced object identification using an exhaustive list of attributes (like xPath, CSS, ID, Name, coordinates, and many more) captured by the inspector.

In-built Framework

In-built data-driven, keyword-driven, and hybrid framework with 90-95% of keywords are readily available in the framework. It gives you the flexibility to add custom keywords with the help of a built-in code editor.

Image Recognition

SimplifyQA assists test automation engineers in resolving a common issue, i.e image recognition in user interfaces and performing action on it.

Insightful Execution Reports & Dashboards

Diversified dashboards and compliance ready reports to monitor the health of the application under test.

Intelligent wait-time management

Internal syncs are built in a way to automatically control the wait times

Custom Methods

SimplifyQA Code Editor gives you the flexibility to incorporate custom requirements into the tool.

Robust Record & Playback Utility

Automated test scripts that are simple to comprehend and maintain, allowing anyone with ZERO knowledge of scripting language to contribute to test automation. This being a ZERO Code Automation, accelerates script development by 40% and increases test coverage significantly.