Elena Marshall

The database is the very crux of any backend of software. Simplify DB Testing is the right choice for validating DB which normally is the last step in any of the UI Testing.

Data integrity validation

This is one of the most fundamental requirements for any application, and our solution can accommodate it with a well-defined database specification.

Detailed Visual Execution Reports

SimplifyQA DB validation supports execution reports that highlight the various database tables impacted during the execution of the specific test case.

Multi environment support

Prior to actually reaching the production environment, all solutions undergo staged validation. Therefore, the type of data applicable at each stage varies based on the testing environment. SimplifyQA's multi-environment configuration facilitates this objective. The DB testing solution ensures appropriate test coverage at each testing stage.

Transaction validation

In a typical workflow, the completed transaction must be validated against the various tables impacted to ensure database integrity, which our solution accomplishes.