Zero knowledge on scripting language to write an automated test case on the platform and only knowledge on product and how to use it is required.

Develop Test Case Once

Test cases created once can be used for both manual and automated test execution. Automated test execution requires a test data population for all parameters involved in that testcase.

Requirement Traceability Matrix

SimplifyQA helps you visualize the flow of events from defining the initiative all the way down to the level of defects, and how they coordinate back; up to the initiative capturing all test assets.

Parallel Execution

Cross platform testing can be added, you can have 2 sections then - Parallel Execution and other Multi OS & Cross Browser

Cloud Execution

Facilitates just in time cloud execution with no test setup. SimplifyQA helps in scaling test execution by distributing test cases on multiple cloud machines.Cloud instances are created at runtime and are destroyed at the end of the execution.

Change Impact Analysis

New requirement implementations or change requests may impact existing user stories and test cases may require maintenance.This feature helps in analyzing the possible outcome,effort and the task required to implement the changes.

Test case versioning

In the case of agile the requirements keep changing which demands continuous updates on test cases.In our platform we have a unique feature where the test cases can be saved with a new version enabling continuation of automated tests in all stages.

Auto creation of defects

The defects in the execution report are raised in less than 30 sec and screenshot is captured by default. Defect basic info including test data are captured in the defect database.This feature prevents the need to raise defects manually,which is a time consuming activity and doesn't add any value to the project delivery.

Dashboard and Downloadable Execution Reports

Platform provides a dashboard for all user types to navigate through the tool.The admin can create projects and assign it to users. It also has records of all test execution outcomes enabling user preferred downloadable reports for managing projects.

Built-in integration with other tools

Seamless built-in integration with most popular tools like Gitlab,Jenkins and Bamboo using API.(REST & SOAP)

Cross Browser Execution

Cross browser execution on different browsers(IE,Chrome, Firefox, Edge,Safari) and OS(Linux, Windows,MaC locally and on cloud.Supports internal and external record and playback.Validates and automates UI testing effectively for a web application. Test case created for one browser can be used for multiple browsers without recording again.Optimizes automated web testing in a cost effective manner.

Supports Web, Mobile, API, DB, Mainframe & desktop Automation

Key feature of this platform is one-tool supports automation of test cases on Web- allows cross browser coverage (chrome,firefox,edge,safari,IE) without further configurations, Mobile- Supports parallel execution and execution across all versions of Android and IOS , API (web services) : Supports SOAP and REST APIs by default, Desktop - Supports Java, .NET and Mainframe.