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Success and Failure of Agile Methodology Implementation

If you ask 10 people on how is agile methodology working in your team the answer may be mixed one. Then why is agile implementation fails? Main reason is, it is a cultural change which is tough to implement. This makes people look at tools so that it brings in some discipline of implementation. There are many interesting tools in market which supports portfolio management and tracking till completion of all planned sprints cycles. I realized the missing link here is successful test automation coverage in each sprint. They don’t know whether the test automation framework they are using is right, the tools they are using is right and not sure whether test automation team is a separate team or part of scrum team. With all this confusion test automation normally will not happen as expected by the stakeholders. 
While I was seriously looking for solution to the above challenges to recommend in my consulting opportunity, I found one tool about two years back which was under development by two young enthusiastic engineers really focusing on solving many of the test automation challenges. They had a interesting road map defined for tool. Today the tool has hit the global market as SimplifyQA. 
I found the key business features in this current version attracts every CXOs towards this tool. Who will not appreciate the following when they invest money on tool licenses?

  • Anyone without scripting language skills can also create automated test scripts
  • Every potential area of automated script failure is handled well in framework so automation plan for a project go in an accelerated manner (claim is THREE times faster than any other approach)
  • Traceability from organization initiative to till defect status in each project makes it very interesting
  • One tool covering portfolio management, requirement management, sprint planning, test management including test automation, defect management and release management
  • One tool which supports UI automation, API testing automation and DB testing automation
  • One tool where both manual and automated testcases can be executed and results captured
  • Excellent dashboard and reports which helps in taking lot of critical decision at every stage
  • One tool which supports automation in multi environment Web, mobile (Android and iOS)
  • Generated automated scripts runs on other tools like Selenium, Test Complete, UFT (QTP earlier) and many more
  • Test suites (collection of automated test scripts) can be scheduled to run at specific time or on event occurrence 

Take a look at website www.simplify3x.com and evaluate the tool keeping above expectation 

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